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Welcome Back to Scouting

Welcome Back to Scouting

Written by Cubmaster Steve on Monday, September 02, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully everyone had a great first couple days of school.  Personally speaking, it is nice to get back in that routine.  

Summer was a fantastic time for many of our scouts though, with many participating in Cub Scout Day Camp, Fun Pack Weekend in the great Tenney Campsite on the Tenney River and then the majority of our Webelos attended overnight camp at Camp Hinds.  

We just had our first Scout committee meeting last night and are gearing up for another great year of activities, growth and fun.  We'll do many of the things we have enjoyed in years past like pumpkin carving, blue and gold banquet, pine wood derby, camp pondicherry weekend, to name a few.  This year we'll be doing an overnight at the Boston Museum of Science in Apr/May.  We'll do more skits and fun at the pack meetings and probably have a visit from Cubmaster Shorty at some point as well.

Pack 36's success depends on the great volunteers we have as den leaders, activity coordinators, Blue and Gold Coordinators, Pine Wood Derby race directors, Popcorn Kernels and many others but also depends on all or our boys parents being involved.  We appreciate all of your help throughout the year.

Popcorn - Shawna Jette has stepped up in a big way to be our Popcorn Coordinator, better known as the "Kernel".

She will be picking up $20,000 worth of popcorn this Saturday.  You read that right.  Popcorn helps to pay for all the awards, books, patches, belt loops, etc. and also goes a long way to paying for our scouts way to many of the activities we do.  It is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  

Individual Popcorn Goals:  We always have some scouts that do a lot and some that do a little.  We'd like to set a personal goal for each scout of $650.00.  We believe this is achievable through door to door, selling to family and friends and participating in our Show n Sell events.  

Show and Sells:  Shawna and Debbie Peters have gone out of the box and scored us some great show and sell events this year.  You'll be hearing from your den leader about particular dates for each den but here they are:

September 14th - Trader Joes (9am-1pm)

September 21st - Staples (10am - 2pm)

September 28th - Shaw's Rt. 1 (10am - 2pm)

October 19th - Celebrate Schools at the Maine Mall (We have been told we'll be the only scout group here)

POPCORN Kick Off/Pick up:  We will have a Popcorn Kick off event at the church parking lot on Friday, September 13th.  Stay tuned for more details on trying out new flavors, picking up popcorn to sell and having a bit of fun.  If you would like to get a head start on selling, feel free to email Shawna at to set up a pick up time after this Saturday.  

PRIZES:  We all like prizes.  Attached is a flyer outlining prizes the kids can get at different selling levels.  One complaint last year at the council level was that the prizes weren't that great.  From the looks of it, they got the message.  There is some cool stuff.  Check it out:  And of course, things would not be fun without our own Pack prizes.  Here is where we need your help.  Although the pies were a small (okay huge) incentive last year, it is possible that my uniform shirt still smells.  We want to have something fun that probably involves me.  One idea was a dunk tank.  Let Shawna and I know if you have some other ideas.  If I can do a dozen pies in one night, I'm open for anything….comes with the position I guess.  We'd also like to do something for the den that sells the most and are thinking of maybe a pizza party/bowling trip (get your bowling belt loop).

First Pack Meeting

Our first pack meeting will be October 15.  We'll be having a Recruitment night on September 17 at the Bucknam Road Fire Station for new boys interested in Scouts.  There will be details in the principal notes coming out.  If you have any friends interested, let them know to check out the Principal notes.  We decided to separate the first pack meeting with the new scout night to keep things a bit more sane.

Most den leaders have contacted their dens.  If you haven't heard, you should be soon.  Den meetings will be starting the 4th week of September.  With open houses and the start of school, this was the first week we could get space.  

As always, let me know if you have any questions.  Scouting is a great program for our boys and it is great to have such a strong pack.  

Kind regards,

Cubmaster Steve

Bottle Redemption Rundraiser

Written by Nathan Smith on Sunday, November 24, 2013

I am organizing the bottle redemption fundraiser this year. In a nutshell, for Webelos I, we need a couple of volunteers to go sort bottles and cans at the Falmouth Transfer Station during the last few days of December, which starts this Saturday. Once sorted the folks from the Redemption Center will come pick them up and write us a check for the value of the recyclables. Easy money right? The way I see it there are a couple of shifts that we need filled. Basically once for each day the Station is open and twice on Saturday. I figure it will take about 30 minutes or so to complete the sorting for your shift (if you feel so inclined to sign up). I created a Google Doc where you can sign up for a shift.  There is a tab for Webelos I & II. Just enter your name. They are highlighted in yellow. Just click on the following link:

Hopefully the spreadsheet is clear enough. I included the dates that the Transfer Station is open.  If you take the Tuesday, Thursday or Friday shift you can go any time they are open.  Later in the day is probably best but beggars can't be choosers. As for Saturday I am thinking that the first shift should head over around noontime and the second shift around 4:00 PM to wrap things up.  Finally, if the shifts fill up and you still want to head over just add your name - can't hurt to have multiple people.  Might even be fun for the boys!

One last thing. We are sharing our week with Webelos II so don't be surprised if you see some of the older boys there.  Finally, I am not sure if we are on the hook for New Year's as well.  If we are I will just expand the signup sheet and let you know.

Contact me anytime with questions.


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